About Us


Family by chance, sisters and partners by choice, our love for fashion started as little girls as soon as we could get our hands on a fashion magazine. In our 20s, we were always borrowing our mother’s cashmere capes: a high-quality, investment piece, timeless and essential in a woman’s wardrobe. We decided to sell them to friends and family and they were and instant hit. We added more pieces every year until our launch of our full leather collection and this is how ENARA was born.


A little bit trendy, a little bit classic, but full on styish.  We believe that luxury, high-quality, wearable, timeless pieces should be within YOUR reach. Leather is a timeless high-quality and natural material that will always be associated with quality, durability and luxury. In our current world where fast fashion dominates the industry, taking a huge toll on the environment, we believe in a “buy less, buy better, wear forever” approach…all at a great price.




Leather pieces shouldn’t be limited to black or brown. Leather should be as fun, colorful, classic, or trendy as you want it to be. That’s why many of our pieces are available in a choice of over 20 colors and some offer customizable lengths.


Long gone are the days of stiff leather garments! Our shorts, pants and most of our skirts offer a comfortable elastic waist and are designed to be worn for work, play, errands and nights out. Weather you choose sneakers and a t-shirt or sky-high heels or boots, your ENARA outfit will always be on point. Welcome to our world, welcome to ENARA.

Welcome to our world,
welcome to ENÄRA.
ENÄRA - Our Story